Survey data on household climate change adaptation and resilience


  • Survey data on household adaptation to climate-induced floods in coastal cities
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This panel survey contains data from households located in large, coastal urban centers in the United States (Miami, Houston, and New Orleans greater areas), the Netherlands (Rotterdam greater area, Zeeland province), China (Shanghai greater area), and Indonesia (Jakarta greater area, other cities in Java).

The surveys are focused on soliciting information on households’ socio-economic background, perceptions, adaptive capacities, self-assessed resilience, place attachment, social influence, policy and other factors influencing individual climate change adaptation behavior (here contextualized to floods). The 1st survey was launched in late March 2020, and a subsequent survey followed every 6 months for the following year and a half; in October 2020, April 2021, and November 2021. The 5th wave was conducted in August-September 2023 and covered an additional country (UK).

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