Micro-Macro Models

Dealing with scale and scaling

We recently published a paper identifying and formulating 8 grand challenges that need to be overcome to accelerate the development and adaptation of SES modeling...

Methodology to link ABM and CGE models

We present a novel methodology to scale up behavioral changes among heterogeneous individuals regarding energy choices while tracing their macroeconomic and cross-sectoral impacts...

A new web service linking Climate and Economic Models

The use of simulation models is essential when exploring transitions to low-carbon futures and climate change mitigation and adaptation policies. There are many models developed to understand socio-environmental processes and interactions, and analyze alternative scenarios, but hardly one single model can serve all the needs.

Micro-Macro Models

SC3 team develops methods to integrate micro with macro models to quantify economy-wide effects of bounded rationality, learning, and behavioral changes regarding climate change adaptation and mitigation.