Model download

Download BENCH agent based model

Open Access agent-based model to study shifts in residential energy use and corresponding emissions driven by behavioral changes among heterogeneous individuals.

Download ABM of households PV investments

Open Access agent-based model to explore diffusion of households' solar panel investment decisions and their regional impacts in terms of CO2 reductions and monetary gains of heterogeneous households.

Download ABM of post-disaster recovery

Open Access agent-based model to model urban recovery processes driven by location choices of diverse households.

Download our ABM model on risk perception and housing prices

Open Access agent-based model to simulate the aggregated impacts of households’ residential location choices and their changing risk perceptions in response to flooding.


Agent-based modeling proliferates in studying choices of heterogeneous, adaptive, interacting agents in application to climate change adaptation and mitigation. How do you program behavioral factors, bounded rationality or information diffusion among households, farmers or firms agents in a computer code? Sharing open access code of computational models is essential not only for the transparency but also for the further development of these models and their integration with other types of models.