Team presence at the Social Simulation Conference 2023

In the beginning of September, a selection of our team traveled to Glasgow, Scotland to attend the yearly Social Simulation Conference, organised by the European Social Simulation Association (ESSA). The conference gathers researchers from the social simulation and agent-based modelling fields and is a great community for collaboration, exchange and networking. It was great to...

Download ABM of post-disaster recovery

Open Access agent-based model to model urban recovery processes driven by location choices of diverse households.

Poverty traps and climate change adaptation

The SC3 team was recently granted an award by The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences which enables early career researchers to organise a workshop with participants from different scientific disciplines. The primary goal of this workshop is to catalyze new ways of thinking about the interactions among different stakeholders to achieve sustainable climate...

Socio-economic data from slums in Bangalore, India

Our results suggest that pure market-driven processes can cause shifts in demographics in climate-sensitive hotspots placing low-income households further at risk...


Designing Systems for Informed Resilience Engineering
An extensive interdisciplinary research and capacity building program. The goal is to build a thriving community on Resilience Engineering. Designing solutions for complex social-technical-environmental systems requires linking different domains and disciplines.