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Download our Stata Do-file for the hedonic price model of the flood-prone housing market

Nature-based solutions (NbS) are a cornerstone of climate change adaptation worldwide. Yet, evidence on their economic benefits is scarce, especially since the provided environmental amenities usually spatially correlate with climate-induced hazards, effects of which NbS aim to curb. We provide empirical evidence on the economic impacts of nature-based solutions using house transactions and also explore...

Download our data and R scripts on flood surveys

Meta analysis of published flood surveys to reveal the role of culture in reported data on individual climate change adaptation taking floods as an example...


Role of individuals in promoting climate change adaptation and mitigation is widely discussed. Micro-level household data provides valuable insights in how people make decisions; in what socio-economic, demographic and behavioral factors influences them; in how awareness and intentions transform into actions. SC3 runs socio-economic surveys and assembles data from secondary sources. We aim to make these data and original data analysis scripts available for open access reuse whenever possible.