Research visit Grantham Institute – London School of Economics

In May of 2022, I crossed the English Channel for the first time to spend two weeks as a visiting researcher at the London School of Economics’ (LSE) Grantham Institute. Specifically, I went to visit two researchers working there: Dr. Sara Mehryar and Dr. Viktor Rozer. Sara’s research concerns flood risk governance and resilience decision-making...

Call for collaboration

For those of you who study the drivers of individual adaptation to floods, with primary survey data... let’s get in touch and explore the synergies of uniting fragmented knowledge!

New Vidi grant to study transformational adaptation

This grant will enable us to strengthen our innovative line of research and consolidate our competitive research team her at SC3 over the next five years...

Poverty traps and climate change adaptation

The SC3 team was recently granted an award by The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences which enables early career researchers to organise a workshop with participants from different scientific disciplines. The primary goal of this workshop is to catalyze new ways of thinking about the interactions among different stakeholders to achieve sustainable climate...

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