How cultures, country and type of measures influence adaptation behaviors


  • How does private adaptation motivation to climate change vary across cultures? Evidence from a meta-analysis
  • International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction Volume 46, June 2020, 101615
  • Brayton Noll, Tatiana Filatova, Ariana Need

I recently presented some of the group’s research work at the 2020 Flood Risk Conference.¬†

In the video below, I illustrate our published work: How does private climate change adaptation motivation vary across cultures where we find statistically significant patterns in the behavioral drivers of household adaptation,by regressing diverse, meta-analytic data against cultural rankings.

The presentation also links these differences to a more recent, under review manuscript that presents research conducted from data gathered from the first wave of our four country survey on household flood adaptation in the United States, China, Indonesia, and the Netherlands. 

In this new work, building on the groundwork set forth in the meta analysis, we find marked differences in the factors driving household behavior, both based on the country of residence and the type of adaptation measures considered by the household. 

The observed patterns in the factors motivating household action have direct implications for risk scientists and policy makers seeking to foster more resilient strategies in new and varied contexts. If this work is of interest to you, or you have any questions, we would love to hear from you. 

Check back soon our website for a link to the manuscript currently under review.