Download BENCH agent based model

Open Access agent-based model to study shifts in residential energy use and corresponding emissions driven by behavioral changes among heterogeneous individuals.

Download ABM of households PV investments

Open Access agent-based model to explore diffusion of households' solar panel investment decisions and their regional impacts in terms of CO2 reductions and monetary gains of heterogeneous households.

Methodology to link ABM and CGE models

We present a novel methodology to scale up behavioral changes among heterogeneous individuals regarding energy choices while tracing their macroeconomic and cross-sectoral impacts...

A new web service linking Climate and Economic Models

The use of simulation models is essential when exploring transitions to low-carbon futures and climate change mitigation and adaptation policies. There are many models developed to understand socio-environmental processes and interactions, and analyze alternative scenarios, but hardly one single model can serve all the needs.


Knowledge Based Climate Mitigation Systems for a Low Carbon Economy
The project develop a suite of modeling tools and decision-support systems to inform national and supra-national policy and support communities across Europe working to make the transition to a low-carbon economy.