Poverty traps and climate change adaptation

The SC3 team was recently granted an award by The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences which enables early career researchers to organise a workshop with participants from different scientific disciplines.

The primary goal of this workshop is to catalyze new ways of thinking about the interactions among different stakeholders to achieve sustainable climate change adaptation and poverty alleviation in marginalized and climate‐sensitive communities.

We will specifically explore how the SDGs (Goal 1, 2 and 13) are intertwined by focusing on a case study in India and tap from the expertise of policy-makers, NGOs and academics. The workshop participants will address the goal by embracing three interlinked themes: strengthening information gathering, rural-urban migration, complex systems thinking.

The workshop will result in an integrated framework which unites knowledge on the dynamics of poverty traps and climate change adaptation beyond its disciplinary and geographic borders. Moreover, the workshop seeks to strengthen the research collaboration between the research institutions and public sector. We plan to publish at least one scientific article (Open Access) and will serve as the first step for developing a joint project proposal.