Joos Akkerman

PhD candidate


Joos Akkerman is a PhD candidate at the Department of Multi-Actor Systems of the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management and the Delft University of Technology. He holds a master’s degree in Computational Science (awarded cum laude) from the University of Amsterdam and Free University of Amsterdam. For his master thesis, he built an agent-based model that estimated the effects of carbon taxation on income- and wealth distributions.

Joos is part of the VIDI project ‘A social tipping point: climate-resilient futures through transformational adaptation’. Here, he studies the economic mechanisms governing transformational (mal-)adaptation to the consequences of climate change, with a focus on socio-economic tipping points. For this, Joos aims to develop an agent-based model that combines the fundamental (socio-)economic mechanics with a strong empirical foundation.

In his free time, Joos likes to have a beer with friends, read, listen to music or play squash.


Agent Based Modeling70%


MSc Computational Science - University of Amsterdam and Free University Amsterdam (joint degree)
BSc Economics and Business with the specialization Economics - University of Amsterdam